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Friday, 3 June 2016

Four innovative approaches to family history

4 books, 4 different approaches to family history 

by Ruth A. Symes

1. Unearthing Family Tree Mysteries, (Pen and Sword, 2016)

Shows you how to get the most out of documents about your ancestor (trade directories, birth, marriage and death certificates, censuses, newspapers, obituaries, passenger lists, passports, company newsletters, Bibles and books, diaries, songs, and recipes).


2.  It Runs In The Family: Understanding More About Your Ancestors (The History Press, 2013)

Shows you how better to understand what your ancestor looked like and his/her personal effects (eyes, teeth, hair, beards, distinguishing characteristics, stature, rings, cuff links, buttons, brooches, flowers, and dogs).



3. Family First: Tracing Relationships in the Past (Pen and Sword, 2013)

Explains your ancestor's probable relationships with others in his/her family and community (fathers, mothers, babies, young siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends, neighbours, club associates).



4. Tracing Your Ancestors Through Letters and Personal Writings, (Pen and Sword, 2016)

Shows you how better to read your ancestor's own writings (signatures, graffiti, letters, greeting cards, postcards, telegrams, appointment diaries, diaries, commonplace books, poetry)