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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Ancestor Came from Edinburgh 1841-1851

Edinburgh Diary 1841-1850

     Edinburgh University – site of the discovery of chloroform in 1847. Scottish Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil by Samuel G. Green, The Religious Tract Society, 1891.

1841 Famous author Charles Dickens is entertained to a public dinner in the city 25 June.

1842 The Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway is opened on 18 February. The line has taken three years to complete and has cost one and a quarter million pounds. Trains carrying dignitaries pass both ways during the course of the day.

1843 Disruption of the Church of Scotland and the Foundation of the Free Church. Twenty-nine ministers in Edinburgh secede from the Church of Scotland on 18 May and hold the first Assembly of the Free Church in Tanfield Hall.

1844 A huge statue of Queen Victoria, carved in stone by Mr John Steell R. S. A. is erected on the top of the Royal Institution on 24 January.

1845 On Sunday 19 January, the Old Greyfriars’ Church is totally destroyed by fire. The New Greyfriars’ Church, which is under the same roof, is also substantially damaged.

1846 The Memorial to Sir Walter Scott on Princes Street (200 feet six inches high, and ascended from within by 287 steps) is finished this year.

1847 On the 17 November, Edinburgh University’s Professor J.Y. Simpson announces his discovery of chloroform. This will be used as a substitute for ether in surgical operations.

1848 Serious riots connected with Chartist agitation take place on 7 and 8 March. Seven hundred special constables are sworn in.

1849 On the 5 December, the new Corn Market is opened in the Grassmarket. It has cost £20,000.

1850 In late August, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert spend two nights at Holyrood on their way to Balmoral. The prince lays the foundation stone of the National Gallery of Art. In October, the couple again stay at Holyrood for a night on their way back from Balmoral.

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